"Thank you for donating a book for us. I got a Manatee Vet Book because when I grow up, I want to be a veteranarian."

Jillian and I read stories every night before bed. We enjoy stories like “No, David”, “Pete the Cat”, “My Lucky Day”, “Elmer”, “Llama, Llama Misses Mama”, and lots more. Her favorite book is “Giraffes Can’t Dance” because she loves to dance. She empathizes with the poor giraffe in the story. I love watching her grow as a little person with every book we read. The way she internalized the morals of the stories is awe-inspiring to me.  ~Alicia, Mom of Jillian

“Your books are cool. Sometimes I feel like I am in the books.”

“These books are a part of our community, and so are you.”

“I will take care of my book and I will never rip the book.”

“I want to read with my family so they could be better readers like me.”

“I hope you like this letter. I wrote it with all my heart. Thank you.”

“I learned from that book that there are many dinosaurs that have sharp teeth.”