Kids Section

A parent’s comments:

Jillian and I read stories every night before bed. We enjoy stories like “No, David”, “Pete the Cat”, “My Lucky Day”, “Elmer”, “Llama, Llama Misses Mama”, and lots more. Her favorite book is “Giraffes Can’t Dance” because she loves to dance. She empathizes with the poor giraffe in the story. I love watching her grow as a little person with every book we read. The way she internalized the morals of the stories is awe-inspiring to me.  ~Alicia, Mom of Jillian

Winnie Visits Carson-Gore

Our beloved Winnie the Pooh visited the children at Carson-Gore Elementary School recently. He told us that they are very enthusiastic about their new books. They hope RIF comes again and again to bring them wonderful, new books!

Big Red Dog Likes to Visit Schools

Mascots, Costumes, and Fun!

To the children’s delight, sometimes Winnie the Pooh or Clifford the Big Red Dog come to visit the school during Motivational Events. RIFSoCal children have written and sent pictures to show us that Ronald McDonald, the Library Fairy, and the Cat in the Hat have come to their schools, too. Motivational Events are fun for everyone!!