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Remember! Every $10 donation brings a child into our program for an entire year, providing 3 brand new free books for each child’s personal library. These books are often the first books a child can call their own.

Inside View of a Book

Book Reviews by RIFSoCal Kids allow us to see value in books from a child’s point of view. The following are a few of thousands of thank you notes containing reviews of the books chosen by our kids. They are poignant, funny, and honest as only a child can be.

Kids Photo 1

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Our Mission Statement



Image credit: Dr. Derrick L. Cogburn

To promote literacy and motivate children to read by providing new books to create home libraries for underserved children in Southern California.


I Met A Dragon Face to Face

By Jack Prelutsky

I met a dragon face to face

The year when I was ten,

I took a trip to outer space,

I braved a pirate's den,

I wrestled with a wicked troll,

And fought a great white shark,

I trailed a rabbit down a hole,

I hunted for a shark.


I stowed aboard a submarine,

I opened magic doors,

I traveled in a time machine,

And searched for dinosaurs,

I climbed atop a giant's head,

I found a pot of gold,

I did all this in books I read

When I was ten years old.


Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California is having an enormous impact on children, families, and communities.  As we begin our 2017 – 2018 program year, our goal is to serve 71,500 children and distribute more than 222,000 new free books of choice. Believing that the achievement of all children must matter to all of us, we work in economically disadvantaged schools, Head Start sites and social service programs all over Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

In 1966, former teacher Margaret McNamara brought a bag of used books to four boys in Washington, D.C. whom she tutored in reading. When she told the children they could each pick out a book to keep, their astonishment and delight led her to discover that these children, and many of their classmates, had never owned a single book. By that summer, Mrs. McNamara had gathered a group of school volunteers, and on November 3, 1966, Reading Is Fundamental became a reality. This original book distribution and reading program is now the largest children’s literacy organization in the nation.

Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California started in 1972 and has grown to become the largest multi-site program. As an independent 501c3 organization with its own Board of Directors, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, we have been cited as a model for running a successful multi-site program by RIF and both our volunteers and programs have received national recognition for their excellence. In June 2007, we received Program Excellence Honors from national RIF in a ceremony in Washington, D.C. Only 25 of RIF’s more than 4,100 chapters received this honor.

Thank you to all who have helped make this dream come true!


"If, at the current pace, America continues to lose the habit of regular reading, the nation will suffer substantial economic, social, and civic setbacks.”
- Dana Gioia, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

Did you know that…

  • 60% of kindergarteners in low-income families do not have a single age-appropriate book in their home?
  • The only behavior measure that correlates significantly with reading scores is the number of books in the home? 
  • Reading for pleasure correlates strongly with academic achievement?
  • 90% of children living in poverty in Los Angeles have parents with “below or no” literacy skills?
  • When students read books of their own choosing, they are more likely to be motivated, independent readers.
  • More that 65% of all State and Federal correctional inmates can be classified as low literate.

Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California’s primary goal is to compel children to read by putting books of choice in the hands of those who otherwise would not have access to them - books they will be excited to read purely for pleasure.  We seek to create a culture of literacy and an environment that supports it by building the home libraries of children and fostering a community that rallies around literacy. 


“Reading is more than a pastime.  In today’s world, it’s a survival skill.  A child who can read is a child who can learn, and a child who can learn is a child who can succeed.”
                                   ...former U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings



For 45 years, Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California has taken special pride inspiring the most resource-deprived children in Los Angeles and Orange County to read for FUN! We believe that developing a passion for reading, reading for fun, is the greatest gift we can give children on their road to literacy. By bringing communities together in this mission, we have witnessed thousands of life-changing moments and received innumerable testimonials from grateful children, parents, and school teachers.

RIFSoCal is exclusively focused on improving literacy in disadvantaged communities through our Motivational Reading Program. At the core of the program is the “book event,” special celebratory activities that culminate in each child selecting a book to take home as his/her own. Letting a child choose a new book to keep as their own is one of the most powerful, yet simple tools we have to support our children’s development. Most people don’t know that 60% of kindergarteners in low-income families do not have a single age-appropriate book in their home.

The program has been a success for over 45 years because of its following unique elements:

Community Involvement. Three book events each year, at each of 250+ sites (which include high-poverty elementary schools, preschools, Head Starts, and community-based organizations in Greater Los Angeles and Orange County) are planned, organized and conducted by volunteers. Volunteers at each site develop the event, selecting, packaging, and delivering the books to the sites, and reading to and motivating the children to read. Volunteers (over 6,000 each year) include parents and other relatives, teachers, librarians, school administrators, civic groups, and others, who all work together to effectively build a community that supports literacy.

Reading for fun. The children decide for themselves what book they would like from a large selection of brand-new, high quality, age appropriate titles. We ask that the books not be used for school assignments or given as rewards. We want each child to choose a book that he or she will enjoy for its own sake, a book that will compel them to read for fun and pleasure, thereby creating a habit of reading. It is well established among literacy researchers that when students read books of their own choosing they are likely to be more motivated, independent readers. 

Pride of ownership. RIF books are brand new and provided to the children at no cost. For many of the children we serve, they are the only new books they own. Children and their families read and re-read the books, and often create a special place for a home library to display the books. 

Research affirms the impact of RIFSoCal’s program model. Schools that emphasize literacy and engage strong parental support see higher reading scores. Scholastic, a leading provider of children’s literacy resources, confirms the importance of books in the home and the power of choice in motivating children to read, finding that 90% of children are more likely to finish a book they have chosen themselves, and that having a large book collection at home has a greater impact on kids’ reading frequency than does household income.   

Education 2006

Median Household Income 2006

English Speaking Ability 2006

Collaboration with West of Broadway Theater Company

Producing an exciting series of interactive productions, West of Broadway and Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California share a goal to promote literacy by bringing a new generation of children into the theater, introducing them to updated versions of classic stories, and letting them take part in the action.

West of Broadway’s recent updated classic productions (written and directed by Artistic Director Diane Namm) include Mrs. Scrooge,based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens,  {image_1} Bunny Tales Episode IV: Bunny Wars, based on Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit and HUCK, based on Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. West of Broadway’s You, the Jury Series presented 12 Angry Jurors, a modern adaptation of 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose {image_2}  and MONSTER, based on the award-winning novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers.  Members of the audience participate in the updated classics by helping the hero banish the villain. For the You, the Jury productions, audiences serve as jurors, delivering a verdict, which changes the outcome of each of these courtroom dramas. {image_3}
For further information and to order tickets, please visit

Dream with Us Top 1

Getting Involved

It is difficult for many of us to imagine not having the resources to obtain books, but this is the case with so many children RIFSoCal serves. RIFSoCal books are often the first book in the home, becoming the beginning of a personal home library.

With service to Los Angeles County’s most resource-deprived children since 1972, RIFSoCal has witnessed thousands of life-changing moments and received innumerable testimonials from grateful participants. We are now into our second and third generation of RIFSoCal “kids.”

RIFSoCal will build the personal libraries of up to 71,500 preK-8th grade children in Los Angeles and Orange Counties in the 2017-2018 program year, distributing over 222,000 new books of choice at 250+ sites, including economically disadvantaged schools, Head Start sites and social service programs throughout Greater Los Angeles and Orange County.

Become a RIFSoCal site

Would you like to become a RIFSoCal site? If so, take a moment to read the following National Guidelines. Please contact us if you have any questions!

  • THREE RIF Motivational Reading Events must be planned and executed each program year, in conjunction with book distributions, and must be scheduled at least one month apart from each other. Activities can range from modest story time readings to elaborate festivals that celebrate diverse cultures.
  • Each site must have a designated RIF Coordinator and sufficient volunteers/parents to plan and execute the Literacy Based Activities. (RIFSoCal's Community Relations Manager is available to assist with volunteer recruitment).
  • RIF books are a GIFT to children participating in the RIF program, and are theirs to keep at no cost to the child or their families.
  • The annual cost of the Motivational Reading Program to RIFSoCal is $10 per child.  For preK-3rd grade children, participating sites pay a $3 per student per year program fee; RIFSoCal fundraises for the $7 balance.  For grades 4-8, participating sites pay a $10 per student per year program fee.
  • RIF books are to be CHOSEN by children only, with no assistance from volunteers, parents or teachers. Children absent during a book distribution will have the opportunity to select a book at another time. No teacher or classmate will choose a book for them.
  • RIF books are not to be used for any kind of school work, book reports, awards for good work or holiday gifts. We want each child to choose a book to add to their home library, a book that he or she will enjoy for its own sake, a book that will compel them to read for pleasure.
  • RIF students should have a wide selection of titles to choose from with no more than two copies of the same title per classroom.
  • Only RIF children will receive RIF books. No books will go to teachers, classroom collections or school libraries.


RIFSoCal volunteers help our schools conduct three Motivational Reading Events each program year. Participating sites include Title I elementary schools, Head Start programs, and a variety of community service programs. A book event can be as simple as a volunteer reading to a group of children or as complex as a festival celebrating a particular culture, holiday, book or theme in an elaborately decorated auditorium with concurrent activities. At the end of every RIFSoCal book event, each child gets to CHOOSE a brand new book to keep and share with their families, compelling them to read for fun and pleasure.

Literacy Based Events:

Volunteers are matched with a geographically accessible site and assist with the implementation of Motivational Reading Events during the September-June school year. Schedule of events varies between sites.


  • Availability during school hours
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Ability to travel to sites located within the Greater Los Angeles or Orange County areas
  • Love of working with children
  • Desire to impact children’s literacy

Book Warehouse: 

At the direction of the warehouse manager volunteers may be asked to do one or more of the following during their day:

  • Count out and/or sort bookmarks with bookplates for distribution to sites/schools.
  • Separate/Open books packed in plastic wrap or boxes. This may also include occasional counting of books.
  • Assist with filing of some paperwork.
  • May also be asked to assist the scheduled sites in their selection of books for literacy based events.


“When I am done with my homework, I always read the book I got from RIF.”


“I’m glad you came.  Thanks a million. I loved this day.”


“It is a fun book.  I read it every day. Reading is fun.”


“The book you gave me is amazing.  I like RIF because we got to have a free book.  Thank you for the books that I like.”


“I also wanted to thank you too because you are encouraging us to read and get us interested in reading books.”


“Thank you for your generosity of giving us these marvelous books.  I will cherish it forever.”

part of my life

“Thank you for my RIF books.  I will make reading a part of my life.”


Dewey Grammar School

Look At My New Book!

Chocolate Factory Thank You

Chocolate Factory Letter

$35 Donation

$75 Donation

$100 Donation

$150 Donation

$250 Donation

Program Impact

Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California is the country’s largest RIF program. Our work to close the opportunity gap one book at a time empowers young minds to embrace the world of reading and develop a love of learning.

As of our 45th anniversary in 2017, we will have served 1.5 million children, and provided them with more than 4.7 million books.

Based on the large body of research that shows the importance of early reading experiences, the program targets children in Prek – 8th grade at schools with a high proportion of students from low-income families. We also place an emphasis on reaching children with special needs, and through non-school settings such as medical clinics, family courts, Cedars-Sinai COACH for Kids, and USC’s Violence Intervention Program. Of the 71,500 children we will serve in 2017-2918, 91% are eligible for the National School Lunch Program, 92% are in grades PreK – 3, 8% are in grades 4-8, and 9% have special needs. In the 2016-17 fiscal year, 6,632 RIFSoCal volunteers conducted 645 motivational reading events, distributing 206,003 new books to 66,416 unduplicated children at 227 sites.

RIFSoCal’s strategic plan is focused on continuous expansion. Between 2013 and 2018 we will have grown by an astonishing 39%! In the 2017-2018 program year, our growth is highlighted by our continuing expansion to serve children from PreK- 8th grade: 20,000 children in Orange County, and every Prek8th grade student in the city of El Monte. Based on current research highlighting reading and older children, including Scholastic's recently released 5th edition reading report, we know this is a critical area of need.

  • The percentage of children who read for fun drops with age.
  • Reading enjoyment, and the percentage of children who say reading books for fun is extremely or very important, drops sharply after age 8.

The results of a May 2017 survey of school principals and site coordinators clearly demonstrate the impact of the program:

96% believe the program has directly increased students' love of reading;
95% believe the program is an important literacy tool for the school;
94% believe the program has led to an increase in students' independent reading;
89% believe the program has increased parent involvement in their child's literacy development; and
88% believe the program has increased parent and community involvement in the school.

Sample comments include:

  • Students take great joy in building their personal library. They love having their own books.
  •  The enjoyment of reading books has increased tremendously.
  •  We serve low-income families, so children receiving books to start their own home library is huge. Parents and children reading together at events is the beginning of bringing literacy into their everyday lives.
  • The children I work with are reluctant readers; the program has changed this so many times.
  • The best thing about the RIF program is the building of community through literacy. It promotes a more committed collaborative relationship between the home and school.

We are humbled to share an excerpt of a beautifully written letter by a RIF alumna:

Reading is synonymous with my personality.  Books are my passion, my profession, my identity. I firmly believe that without individuals and programs like RIF, my passion for books, and as a result my life path, could have taken a different turn.

That day where I chose my book and wrote my name inside was one step in many that have led me to be the reader, free thinker, and librarian I am today.  I am so happy to be a “RIF Kid” and grateful that the program is still making a difference in children’s lives today. I’ll end with a quote from Children’s Author and literacy advocate Frank Serafini, “There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.”

Thank you RIF for finding me and other children the right books, it changed my life.

-- Carly Lamphere, Librarian, Instruction and Reference, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising


“I like my book so much I want to read it again and again.”


“I love my book so much I sleep with it.”


“I really like the book. It’s like a movie.”


“I am on the 5th chapter.  It’s better than playing.”


“When I’m done with my homework, I always read the book I got from RIF.”

every day

“It’s a fun book. I read it every day. Reading is fun.”

part of my life

“Thank you for my RIF books.  I will make reading a part of my life.”

my brother

“I always read to my brother. He is in preschool.”

free time

“Whenever I have free time I play and mostly read.  I like to read books a lot.  “

can’t wait

“I can't wait to read this book tonight.”

makes me laugh

“I love the book that you gave me, you don’t know how much I love that book.  It makes me laugh.  I read it every day.”


“I read to my family and my family was proud of me.”

keep it safe

“It is a wonderful book.  I’€™ve kept it safe because it is the best book I’€™ve ever got.”

won’t let go

“I love my book so much I won’t let go of it.  “

instead of TV

“I read my book every day instead of watching TV.”

read better

“I read much better because of you guys.”


“My favorite thing to do in my free time is to read books because I like using my imagination.”

in the story

“The books you give us motivate me to read more books.  I feel like I am really in the story.”


“My book made me have confidence in myself.”

whole family

“I read my book every day at home.  My whole family loves the book.  “

be a writer

“It has helped me with reading since the 1st grade.  It has inspired me to be a writer some day.”


“Thank you for caring for us.”

holding their books up

“All I can see is smiles on the faces of my friends and classmates holding their books up high.  “

thousand times

“I could read this book over a thousand times because it is so fabulous and wonderful.”


“The best part is that I was visualizing it and predicting it.”


“I read my book over the whole vacation.”

choose one

“If I had to choose one book for my whole life I would choose this one.”

took to beach

“I took it to the park and the beach and read it with much joy.”

after school

“I've been reading every day after school.”

enjoy every page

“I've read my book at home and enjoy every page.”

sister mom dad uncle

“I like that book because I read it to my sister, my mom, my dad, and my uncle.”

just before bed

“I read it at home every night just before going to bed.”

wonderful inside

“It made me feel wonderful inside.”

Black Beauty Drawing

Black Beauty Thank You Note

Even Bunnies Like Stories

This little bunny is getting a treat…..Mom is reading her a story.  Stories are Fun from the moment we are born, and we have found that parents who were RIF SoCal kids are now passing the joy of reading on to a new generation.  At motivational school events, everyone celebrates their favorite books.

Cat in the Hat

The Cat in The Hat is ever so cool. I am so happy; he came to my school!

Motivational Events Put Fun Into Reading!

Every RIFSoCal site holds three Motivational Reading Events a year. These special celebratory activities and festivals are planned, organized and conducted by volunteers and culminate with the children choosing a book to take home to add to their personal library.  Parents, relatives, teachers, librarians, school administrators, students, civic groups, retirees, corporate volunteers, and others work together to get kids excited about books – to make reading FUN!

What’s so Funny?

Anyone who spends time with children knows that children love to laugh. They can switch from tears to joy at a moment’€™s notice. If given a choice of books, many will choose a joke book, a humorous novel, or a novel which makes fun of difficult situations. We, at RIFSoCal, look for books with a child’s sense of humor (which can be very different from that of a grown up!) There is no greater fun than to see a small group of children in which one is reading to the others as they all giggle happily.

Up, Up and Away!

Kids and adventure go together like peanut butter and jelly. Adventure takes us out of the humdrum of everyday life. RIFSoCal books take kids on white knuckle adventures, traveling to faraway places and times, learning about children in other countries and their customs, food, and families. It’s amazing to see how, even though in some ways we are very different, in many ways we are very much alike. We need food and shelter; we love our families, friends, and pets. Our clothes may look different, but our excitement and pride in our accomplishments is the same. Through reading books, RIFSoCal kids learn to nurture and to share, to be curious about other cultures, and to exchange information and customs with each other.

What Do You Know?

We, at RIFSoCal, select Science books with spectacular pictures and diagrams covering many aspects of Science: animals, plants, solar system, biomes and habitats, human anatomy, and how things work. Some books have a new spin on traditional information, some are quirky and esoteric, but all are high interest and will encourage children to read and to treasure their books.

Our History and Biography selections include fascinating historical figures and events; some are well known, others more obscure. RIFSoCal kids study anthropology and visit diverse cultures, both contemporary and ancient. The selections may or may not include beautiful photographs and drawings, maps and other graphic material, or interactive elements; however, they are all chosen for having personal meaning for our readers.

Reference books help students learn vocabulary and make reading more fun because it’s easier to read when you know all the words!

The Frog Princess

The Curse of the Blue Figurine

Thank you note “The Curse of the Blue Figurine”

Thank you!

Thank you for my Thesaurus


“Thank you for the wonderful books. I enjoyed my book very much. The book that I got was “Witch, Return of a Queen”. I loved the book because it made me think that it was really going to happen when I first read it I couldn’t put it down. Can you believe that when I first read it I couldn’t put it down and because of that I had to sleep at 3 a.m. because I couldn’t put it down? I’m giving thanks to you again because the book made me think that it is fun to read and I should read more than do nothing. Thank you for the book again.

Yours Truly,


Magic Treehouse # 28

€œI love that you give us books for free. I got High [Tide] in Hawaii. I am at the 5th Chapter. It’s better than playing. I’€™m in third grade. Thank you for donating books to Purche Avenue. This means so much to Purche. I hope every day is a good day for you. 


Words! Words! Words!

€œToday I received a book. It is called Webster’€™s Dictionary for Students. I chose this book so I could figure out the definitions for my daily spelling words. Also, when I do my homework, I need to find out the meanings of the sentences. The dictionary also has parts of speech. When I need to find out the parts of speech, I can figure it out as long as I have my backpack with me. I will always remember this book because it means a lot to me.

Before I got this book, I got a book that is called A Corner of the Universe. I had chosen the book because it looked very interesting. But when I read the book, it was a very wonderful book. It was hard to explain because it was about many things. It was very interesting though because it was a true story. I would sometimes try to finish the book in one day.

Sincerely, Briana B.

Explore the fantastic!

One of the most popular categories for books is Science Fiction/Fantasy. By reading fantastic books, students stimulate their own imaginations and creativity. They break the bonds of reality, explore outer space, visit worlds that don’t exist, and discover the joys and limitations of having superpowers. As the frustrations and challenges of childhood are faced and overcome in imaginary settings, the reader’s character is developed and strengthened. We, at RIFSoCal, select Science Fiction books which are interesting, sometimes scary and sometimes funny, but which encourage students to evaluate their own lives through fantastic situations. Through feedback from our schools, we know which titles the students love, how they love to scare themselves, and what makes them laugh.

Andy Shane

Thank you for the free book. Thank you for giving me Andy Shane. The illustrator is Abby Cartero. The author is Jennifer Richard and I love the book so much I sleep with it. I learned words that I did not [k]now. Am so happy that you came to our school.  Love, Mikeka

Treasure Island

Today I received my third RIF book. I picked Treasure Island by Robert L. Stevenson. I picked this book because it has an interesting cover and it doesn’€™t have any pictures. I like books without pictures because you get to use your imagination.

Thank you for generously giving us new, interesting, and great books. I intend on reading the book in the summer so I will never be bored. I will enjoy my book. Thank you very much. 

Sincerely, Briana

Cirque Du Freak Series

“Dear RIF members, Today I got a RIF book, RIF book I got was Cirque du Freak. I was told it was a good scary book, and I like scary books. Thank you for the RIF books. It was nice of you bringing the books. Now in the summer I could read the book so I could be a fluent reader. Since you donated the RIF books, all the kids from this school are happy. Thank you again for the books. Sincerely, Kiloli”

LBD Live and Fabulous

€œToday I got a book called LBD Live and Fabulous. The author is Grace Dent. I chose this book because it looked funny and interesting. I want to thank you for the book. The bookmarks and stickers [personalized book plates] were nice, too. You give us a lot of gifts, so I wish we could do the same thing.  Alexandra

Dr. Dolittle

Today I had a chance to get a book. I decided to get a book called The Voyage of Dr. Doolittle. I chose this book out of all the other wonderful books you brought us. I chose it because I like to read stories about Dr. Doolittle. The author is Hugh Lofting. I think this book is going to be as funny as other people say it is; I hope you keep sending more books to us because we like to read. Reading is the key to success. 

Sincerely, Stephanie

Freddy and the French Fries

€œToday I chose a book called Freddy and the French Fries. I chose this book because I like stories that are funny. It has a burger castle. Freddy is trying to save his family’€™s business. Thank you for the books; Every year you guys bring us books. Thank you for taking time off your job to bring us these books. That is really thoughtful of RIF company. I really hope you come back next year. Thank you for the book. I can’€™t wait to read it. 


The Boy Who Owned the School

Thank you for the RIF books. I chose The Boy Who Owned the School because they put him in charge of the fog machine. The girl of his dreams is playing with the wicked witch. This book is an interesting book. Reading is for learning. Each book has a story to tell. Reading is also to help you write better.  Arturo

Enjoy Your Books!

Just me and my book in the sunshine

Just me and my book in the sunshine

Children love books! Before they know words, they point at pictures. Later, they’ll tell you stories about the pictures. When they learn words, children love reading to parents, siblings, friends…to whomever will listen. Whether reading together or just enjoying the sunshine alone with your book , time with a book is always quality time.

Eragon 2

Today my class went to get R.I.F. books. I got the book called Eragon. I got this book because I really like it and it is about dragons that are really cool. This author of this book is Christopher Paolini. I really enjoy books because they tell me something. I really hope you come again. Once again thank you for the books.  Sincerely, Enrique


Today, I got a RIF book. It was called Clockwork. I chose this book because it looked interesting. The author is Philip Pullman, the author of The Golden Compass. It has afterward bonus features. It won a Silver Medal in 1997 for smartest prize, a school library journal [award], and a New York Public Library [award] in 1998. [It is] a tale to return to time after time. Thank you for the mystery Scholastic book. Sincerely, Noe€

€œI would like to thank you for letting me choose a book. The book’s title is Clockwork, [Illustrated] by Leonid Gore. I read the first paragraph. This has a lot of adventures too. Also, I chose this book because it looked like a scary book. The book looks purple with gears of clocks and a [k]night in armor. This is a great [big] thank you for the books. Our class liked it. We [appreciate] it very much. This day we will never forget the three times we got RIF books from you. Also our class thanks the other people who helped the RIF reading is the key to success. Sincerely, Oscar

Webster’s Thesaurus

Today we got books from you. The book that I got was Webster'€™s Thesaurus for Students. I like this because get to have it [at my desk] and I don'€™t have to walk to get it and then put it back. [It has] over 85,000 words €We get vocabulary words and I can use my Thesaurus [to look them up]. Thank you for this awesome book. Sincerely, David

Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes

€œThank you for the awesome, funny book, Dogs Don’€™t Tell Jokes. I love reading to my baby cousin. I got Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes when I was in 3rd grade and now that I’m in 5th Grade I can’€™t take my hands off it. I’€˜ve been part of RIF since I was in 2nd grade. Now I have 11 books of yours. You have inspired my family and I to have more books at home. The book was about a boy who wanted to become a comedian when he grows up and his school is having a talent show and he decides that he will sign up and tell jokes. When he does, he gets scared and wins 1st place at the talent show. Thank you for all of the books that you let me have, I’m hoping that you can keep giving books to children. 

Your Pal, Mayra

Books are Elaine’s Joy

“I volunteer at RIFSoCal because it is a great organization that encourages so many children to enjoy reading. It is especially fulfilling to work at the warehouse. I like the idea that RIFSoCal is able to purchase so many beautiful books and give them to children who would otherwise never own their own story book. It is very satisfying to attend Motivational Reading Events and see the happy faces of children when they choose a wonderful new book they can keep forever. When our education system is often challenged by budget cuts, RIFSoCal is investing in the literacy of our children. I love being a part of an organization that has such a positive mission. Everyone in the organization has the same focus - encouraging children in our schools to enjoy reading. Reading is Fun!!” ~Elaine

Children Make Props

RIFSoCal kids making pumpkin masks

RIFSoCal kids making pumpkin masks

All done!  BOO!

All done! BOO!

Here we are! Ready to celebrate reading. We’ve worked hard preparing, it’s autumn, HallowRead is coming. Let’s have Fun!

Coordinators Choose Books

Coordinators from over 250+ RIFSoCal sites visit our warehouse three times each program year to select books for their students to choose and take home to create their own home libraries.  Often overwhelmed by the extraordinary selection of titles, many spend hours identifying the free, new books they feel will excite the children in their program to read for FUN and pleasure.

Nasdaq Rings Closing Bell to Book A Brighter Future

The sound of NASDAQ’€™s closing bell in New York City’s Times Square celebrated the July 1 launch of Book A Brighter Future, Reading Is Fundamental and Macy’€™s 2009 campaign! Watch Carol H. Rasco, President and CEO of RIF, and Martine Reardon, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Macy’€™s live at Carol and Martine were joined by RIF children from Harlem Academy (part of St. Aloysius Education Clinic in New York, NY€“ a SHARE program!)

Raising more than $19.5 million since 2004, this annual national partnership has increased awareness and support of children’€™s literacy for local RIF programs and provided reading resources to children across our nations who need them most.

RIFSoCal is extraordinarily grateful to Macy’€™s and RIF for their continuing support. Together, their belief in children’€™s literacy is helping to make our 100,000 Dreams campaign a reality.