Get Involved


RIFSoCal volunteers help our schools conduct three Motivational Reading Events annually in one of our 233 sites, distributing 185,000 new books to up to 55,000 children. Participating sites include Title I elementary schools, Head Start programs, and a variety of community service programs. A book event can be as simple as a volunteer reading to a group of children or as complex as a festival celebrating a particular culture or holiday in an elaborately decorated auditorium with thematic activities. At the end of every RIFSoCal book event, each child gets to CHOOSE a brand new book to keep and share with their families, compelling them to read for pleasure.


  • Available during school hours
  • Travel to sites located within the Greater Los Angeles area.
  • Love working with children
  • Desire to impact children’s literacy

Literacy Based Events: Volunteers are matched with a geographically accessible site, and assist with the implementation of 3 events during the September through June school year. Schedule of events varies between sites.

Book Warehouse: Volunteers assist at the book warehouse site to unpack shipments of books, sort them by age/grade level and place them on the appropriate shelves. Volunteers also help site coordinators when they come in to choose their books for their site’s Literacy Based Events.