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Getting Involved

It is difficult for many of us to imagine not having the resources to obtain books, but this is the case with so many children RIFSoCal serves. RIFSoCal books are often the first book in the home, becoming the beginning of a personal home library.

With service to Los Angeles County’s most resource-deprived children since 1972, RIFSoCal has witnessed thousands of life-changing moments and received innumerable testimonials from grateful participants. We are now into our second and third generation of RIFSoCal “kids.”

RIFSoCal will build the personal libraries of up to 71,500 preK-8th grade children in Los Angeles and Orange Counties in the 2017-2018 program year, distributing over 222,000 new books of choice at 250+ sites, including economically disadvantaged schools, Head Start sites and social service programs throughout Greater Los Angeles and Orange County.