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Become a RIFSoCal site

Would you like to become a RIFSoCal site? If so, take a moment to read the following National Guidelines. Please contact us if you have any questions!

  • THREE RIF Motivational Reading Events must be planned and executed each program year, in conjunction with book distributions, and must be scheduled at least one month apart from each other. Activities can range from modest story time readings to elaborate festivals that celebrate diverse cultures.
  • Each site must have a designated RIF Coordinator and sufficient volunteers/parents to plan and execute the Literacy Based Activities. (RIFSoCal's Community Relations Manager is available to assist with volunteer recruitment).
  • RIF books are a GIFT to children participating in the RIF program, and are theirs to keep at no cost to the child or their families.
  • The annual cost of the Motivational Reading Program to RIFSoCal is $10 per child.  For preK-3rd grade children, participating sites pay a $3 per student per year program fee; RIFSoCal fundraises for the $7 balance.  For grades 4-8, participating sites pay a $10 per student per year program fee.
  • RIF books are to be CHOSEN by children only, with no assistance from volunteers, parents or teachers. Children absent during a book distribution will have the opportunity to select a book at another time. No teacher or classmate will choose a book for them.
  • RIF books are not to be used for any kind of school work, book reports, awards for good work or holiday gifts. We want each child to choose a book to add to their home library, a book that he or she will enjoy for its own sake, a book that will compel them to read for pleasure.
  • RIF students should have a wide selection of titles to choose from with no more than two copies of the same title per classroom.
  • Only RIF children will receive RIF books. No books will go to teachers, classroom collections or school libraries.

Volunteers Read to Students

In addition to teachers and students, parents, principals, and community volunteers come into the classroom or auditorium to read to the students during Motivational Events. We all celebrate reading and marvel at the wonderful illustrations in our books.

Coordinators Choose Books

Coordinators from over 250+ RIFSoCal sites visit our warehouse three times each program year to select books for their students to choose and take home to create their own home libraries.  Often overwhelmed by the extraordinary selection of titles, many spend hours identifying the free, new books they feel will excite the children in their program to read for FUN and pleasure.